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Re: Twilight (2008)

I heard you on the radio talking about the mystery of Twilight’s appeal. In the many biographies of Lisa Simpson on the Internet, it’s almost always noted that her favorite magazine is titled “Non-threatening Boys.”

Edward Cullen may be playing a vampire, but he’s perceived as one of the Jonas Brothers. That’s why aging tween girls think he’s so swell.

Absolutely. He’s a safe bad-boy-who-can-be-redeemed-if-only‐the-good-girl-loves-and-trusts-him-enough. He might talk about the danger of losing control, and warn Bella to stay away from him for her own good, but we know he won’t really lose control. He’s all cuddling and petting with no pressure for sex.

Which is just another connection to Titanic’s Jack Dawson, a romantic guy who is so safe that he can draw the heroine naked without making a pass, and who lets her initiate sex, choosing the time and place for losing her virginity.

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