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Re: Into Great Silence (2005)

The new layout and your more interactive approach to your site are very appealing. We refer to your reviews and commentaries frequently as my wife and I struggle to find movies worth watching for our four home-schooled kids.

You have put me on to several movies I would never have heard of otherwise, in particular Into Great Silence and Grave of the Fireflies. Silence I was able to catch during its brief run in a local (Dallas) theater. I also recently watched it with my three older children (12/14/16) and they not only sat patiently through it, but found it quite involving. What a gem.

Thanks for making our job as parents a little easier!

Few things are more rewarding than to help a reader connect with a film like Into Great Silence or Grave of the Fireflies.

I watch Into Great Silence every Lent. (I almost feel guilty looking forward to it as much as I do.) My eldest daughter (now 15) has watched it with me every year since its theatrical release. My elder sons (now 11 and 9) watch for long stretches.

This year my six-year-old daughter watched a good bit of it with us — and she remembered specific details from last year’s viewing. (When I pointed out that we see the old grey-bearded monk preparing lunch and then one of the monks eating in his cell, but haven’t yet seen how the food gets to the cells when the monks don't usually interact except during liturgy, she remembered that we later see the food being distributed to the cells through cubbyholes. [There are doors on both sides facing the corridor on one side and the cell on the other, sort of like post office boxes.])

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