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Re: The Time Machine (2002)

I was perusing some of the reviews on your site. There is one film on your which has a minor theme of evolution. The film is the 2002 version of The Time Machine. I don’t think your listing did not mention this about the film.

I’m not sure if you missed this when watching the film or whether you choose not to include it. While the Catholic Church’s position on evolution may be ambiguous (based on what I have read), I think it is worthy to mention it. Catholics and Protestants (such as myself) have varying beliefs when it comes to the creation/evolution controversy.

Thanks for writing. You raise an interesting point. I’ve never considered evolutionary depictions of life on earth to be problematic per se, although I have Catholic and Protestant friends and relatives who would. I don’t want to go crazy with the content advisory listings — I usually point readers to for more detailed information — but even ScreenIt isn’t going to help here. I will bear this in mind in the future and think about how to deal with this for future movies.

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