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Re: Small-screen Super Heroes

I have been a long time fan of your website and your occasional stints at Catholic Answers. Seeing your comments on the great “Spectacular Spider-Man” show, I was wondering, as a comic book fan (mainly of DC Comics), why don’t you review/comment on the slew of DC Direct to Video films, like Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (which in my opinion was the best Batman movie until Nolan’s films), Wonder Woman and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Thanks for what you do.

I’ve enjoyed the DC animated universe in series form, especially the original “Batman” series and “Justice League,” and I dimly recall enjoying Mask of the Phantasm more than 15 years ago. I caught the Wonder Woman animated film sometime last year and found it entertaining enough, although I was disappointed with the level of mature content (explicit violence, sexual references) in a movie I would have wanted to watch with my young daughter if it had been more kid-friendly (she likes Wonder Woman in the “Justice League” series).

Since most of the original movies seem to be going the same route, my interest level is significantly diminished. I’ll happily watch this stuff with my kids if I can, but my grown-up screen time is too limited to make room for super-hero cartoons I can’t watch with my kids. Likewise, my review time is sharply limited; if I’m going to recommend something for grown-up viewers, I’ll probably wind up looking elsewhere.

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