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Re: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007)

[Major spoilers] Enjoyed and for the most part agreed with your review of At World’s End — just thought that (in case someone hasn’t already told you by now) I should let you know that the writers have confirmed in various internet places that Will gets out after ten years. The reason Davy Jones was so mad at Calypso was that the only way he could be freed from his soul-ferrying duty was to have her faithfully waiting for him at the end of ten years (which she wasn’t).

Did you stay for the scene after the credits? In that, we see a ten-years-later Elizabeth and her and Will’s son go down to the beach and wait eagerly for sunset, when a green flash appears and the Flying Dutchman comes to them — the implication being, what with the green flash and Elizabeth being faithful, that Will is now allowed to return to his family and someone else must take over the Flying Dutchman.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. This is not what I (and others) understood from the film.

As far as I can tell, as captain of the Flying Dutchman, Will gets one day on shore every ten years, which means that at the most he and Elizabeth have at most a half dozen or so days left to spend together for the rest of their lives. I did indeed stay for the tag at the end, in which Will gets to meet his 10-year-old son for the first time; as far as I know, it’s the last time he’ll see him until he’s 20.

I thought the reason Jones was so mad at Calypso was that she wasn’t there the one day he had to spend with her — not that, if she had been there, he could have given up the role. And even if he could have, I don’t see how Will could. You say “someone else” must take over the role. Um, who? Why? How does this work? Where in this film does this come from?

Assuming I’m correct, this, as my grandfather used to say, stinks out loud. Maybe it’s meant to be grandly romantically tragic, but it falls totally flat.

In the first place, it was lame that Jones even got the drop on Will. In the second place, plotwise, it would have made much more sense for, say, Bootstrap Bill to stab the heart. I don’t know what the filmmakers were going for, but as far as I can see they went badly off course and got hopelessly lost.

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