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Just wanted to say that I truly appreciate the yeoman’s work you’re doing with this site. I have longed for someone who could do intelligent movie reviews with an eye towards their metaphysical and theological implications. Too many times reviewers who purport to discuss theology do little more than count dirty words and “naughty” parts. In particular, I have to admire how you really cut to the heart of AI: Artificial Intelligence (among others). That’s a film that continues to intrigue me for a variety of reasons. And your take on the Twilight Saga is just memorable!

Thanks for the encouraging comments. Yours may be the first correspondence I’ve received to call out my work on both A.I. and Twilight. Is there any connection? Hm. Both are about troubling relationships with a seemingly ideal but non-human character whose love is perfect and eternal. But A.I. raises serious questions about this relationship and its consequences, while in Twilight all the difficulties are only to further celebrate the love that overcomes all obstacles.

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