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Re: Lilo & Stitch; The Incredibles

I wanted to thank you for your review of Lilo & Stitch. It prompted me to rent the movie and I was delighted to see it live up to expectations and more. I suspect you won’t mind, but since your review prompted my watching the movie, I mentioned it in my own blog and reflection on the movie within the context of Lent. Thank you for a thoughtful reflection that prompted me to see a movie I wouldn’t otherwise consider.

I watched The Incredibles again with my family — this time with the subtitles (a habit I picked up after watching the “Firefly” series and movie finale Serenity and realizing I was missing a lot of clever bits of extra dialogue).

Because of the subtitles, I was alerted to the name of the island where Mr. Incredible goes to fight the Omnidroid — it is mentioned in his last trip to the island as they approach: “Nomanisan”. Yet again the folks at Pixar showed an awareness of their plot, the themes in the movie (which you succinctly pointed out in your review) — as well as subtle and clever ways to highlight them if you’re looking for them — and sometimes even when you’re not.

I wonder what other little treasures are hiding in the subtitles (or elsewhere) of Pixar’s films? I look forward to finding out in the re-watching — this time with the subtitles on! Thank you for your work here at Decent Films, and God bless you.

Fr. Maurer

Thanks for writing, Father. Yes, Pixar films are incredibly dense with notable detail. I was aware of Nomanisan Island — you can see it on one of the computer screens somewhere — although like a lot of stuff it is very subtle and you don’t discover it right away. I don’t know how many hidden gems have as much Catholic/Christian cred as Nomanisan Island, with its echoes of Merton and Donne, but a lot of it is pretty cool in one way or another. Next time you watch The Incredibles, look sharp when Bob Parr’s boss is sharpening pencils and stacking them on the desk and see if you can catch the company’s evil slogan on the side of the pencils.

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