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Re: Ratatouille (2007)

I went and saw Ratatouille yet again, as a treat to myself on my birthday. Afterwards, I came across a newly-opened resturant, named… Linguini’s! Well, that was just too good to pass up!

You’ll be happy to know they make their own sauce, and you can watch the pizza dough being tossed… My pizza was excellent, and the service was incredible. When I mentioned to the server that it was my birthday, they gave me a discount, and the owner came over to my table to give me his personal good wishes. A great follow-up to a great movie!

What a wonderful story. A number of critics and others have mentioned going out for dinner after seeing Ratatouille, but yours is the best account I’ve heard so far. Thanks for sharing it.

According to box office reports, Ratatouille, is gaining at the box office based on excellent word of mouth, and may wind up (deservedly) outperforming Cars. Of course Transformers will probably blow them both away — just as I’m sure your local McDonald’s probably gets lots more business than Linguini’s. But I bet not one person at a McDonald’s this week had an experience to compare to yours at Linguini’s; and the same goes for those moviegoers who went to see Transformers and those who went to see Ratatouille.

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