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Re: Into Great Silence (2005)

I always enjoy reading your reviews, and I thank you for the effort that you put into your work. I was curious as to why you left off Into Great Silence from your DVD list of 2007. I thought surely this brilliant film would merit some mention, as it has been released on DVD. Keep up the good work! Pax et bonum.

I can assure you I would never miss an opportunity to plug Into Great Silence, easily my favorite film of the year and a candidate for one of my favorite films of all time.

The reason it wasn’t mentioned in my DVD year-end write‑up is that the purpose of that piece is to highlight DVD releases of films that weren’t in just in theaters (and thus eligible for write-up in my general year-end piece). The same goes for the rest of my top 10 and other noteworthy 2008 films, none of which appeared in the DVD piece. The general year-end piece notes films theatrically released that year; the DVD piece notes other films released that year on DVD.

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