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Re: Corpus Christi

I came across an article about this play, Corpus Christi and I think it’s an outrageous display of “arrogance” against Jesus. I’m just wondering if… there’s a Catholic organization to police media against anything “libelous” against Jesus? peoples everywhere have laws against “malicious implications” with corresponding penalty. Don’t you think there should be something the same when it comes to any indecency attack against Jesus or any religious practices, morals and customs? There has to be something to protect “order” and keep arrogant people from creating chaos and confusion about religion and God.

Granted that McNally’s Corpus Christi is patently offensive, what sort of system would you propose to “protect” order and impose penalties against “malicious” speech? To whom would you entrust this authority? Who is fit to wield it, and to whom would it pass in the future?

It seems to me that, in our day and age, such laws would be far more likely used against Christians for “malicious” speech against, e.g., homosexuality or same-sex marriage than against writers depicting Jesus and the Apostles as gay. Indeed, laws against “offensive” speech do exist in other countries, such as Canada and the UK, and as a result Christians in those countries are not as free to proclaim their faith as are Christians in the United States. I for one am glad that our tradition of free speech protects my right to proclaim my faith, even if it also protects McNally’s right to blaspheme the same faith.

The day will come when both McNally and I will stand before God and be judged for every careless word we have spoken. In the mean time, I would prefer not to have my words judged by the state, which in effect means that I would prefer the state not to be in the business of judging words.

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