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Article: Robin Williams RIP

In the flood of commentary and sorrow surrounding the death of Robin Williams, apparently by suicide, so many are struggling over what to say about a man who seemed never to be at a loss for words.   Read more >

Post: The Christ of Muscle Beach!

“Christ in Majesty” is the official name of the striking, somewhat controversial mosaic on the apse wall of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, but someone Suz and I once knew jokingly nicknamed it “the Christ of Muscle Beach,” in reference to its half-bared chest and arm, muscular build and intimidating gaze.   Read more >

Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

A- | ***½ | +1-1| Teens & Up

Guardians is a romp, a lark — rare descriptors for a popcorn summer movie, alas, in these days of dark, grim tentpoles from Maleficent to Hercules, Edge of Tomorrow to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.   Read more >

Post: Hercules [video] (2014)

D+ | Teens & Up

A question I couldn’t get to in 60 seconds: What’s the real story with the creepy, green spaced-out tribal warriors? Can anyone explain that?   Read more >

Post: Snowpiercer [video] (2014)

B- | Adults

This is the summer’s most thought-provoking action movie.   Read more >

Post: Planes: Fire & Rescue [video] (2014)

C | Kids & Up

Looking at those Cars eyes is worse than having no remnant of Pixar at all this year.   Read more >

Post: Deliver Us From Evil [video] (2014)

B | Teens & Up*

Édgar Ramírez might be my favorite horror-movie priest.   Read more >

Review: Planes: Fire & Rescue (2014)

C | ** | -1| Kids & Up

With this sequel to last summer’s spin-off from the franchise that descended from Pixar’s Cars, the World of Cars has left behind not only stock cars, the open road, specific real-world settings and Larry the Cable Guy, but racing itself. Practically nothing is left of John Lasseter’s original vision, except those blasted windshield eyeballs. In this melancholy year without Pixar, it’s worse than no reminder at all.   Read more >

Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

A | ***½ | +2| Teens & Up

Wait, where did this movie come from? Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is so not the sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes I expected or was prepared for.   Read more >

Post: Scott Derrickson: The Epic Video Interview!

Scott Derrickson is such a great interview subject that it was hard for me to cut down our sprawling 45-minute discussion to the 2500-odd words of the text article that ran earlier this week. I’m very pleased, then, to be able to offer the Reel Faith video version of the entire interview.   Read more >

Review: Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

B | *** | +2| Teens & Up

Why would a mother at the zoo throw her toddler over a railing into the moat of a lion enclosure? That’s the kind of horrible question that can look very different if you are a police officer or a priest.   Read more >

Article: Interview: Filmmaker Scott Derrickson on Horror, Faith, Chesterton and Deliver Us From Evil

Scott Derrickson is a very nice guy who makes movies about things that aren’t very nice.   Read more >

Post: Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

D | Teens & Up

If Michael Bay can take 165 minutes for his latest Transformers movie, I can take two minutes to review it.   Read more >

Post: Chef [video] (2014)

A- | Teens & Up*

I watched pretty much the whole second half of this movie with a smile on my face.   Read more >

Post: Edge of Tomorrow [video] (2014)

B+ | Teens & Up

I’m a sucker for a good time-bending movie. This is a good time-bending movie.   Read more >

Article: The Trouble With Angels: Heavenly Messengers According to Hollywood

The popular eschatological confusion that we “become angels” when we die may be a headache for catechists, but only a curmudgeon would object to a Hollywood fable taking this sort of creative license. Still, there’s no reason for all movie angels to be as angelically incorrect as Clarence.   Read more >

Mailbag: Mailbag #24

Maleficent, Of Gods and Men, Wall-E, Forrest Gump, Wreck-It Ralph, Argo and more.   Read more >

Article: Maleficent, Rape and Sympathy for the Devil

A story like this demands to be seen through the lens of what biblical scholars call “redaction criticism,” which basically means “What was changed, added or deleted in this retelling of the story, and what do those changes tell us about the storyteller’s intentions and outlook?”   Read more >

Article: So, How Gay is How to Train Your Dragon?

How to Train Your Dragon’s Gobber the Belch Comes Out As Gay,” headlines screamed in the weeks prior to the release of DreamWorks’ animated sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2.   Read more >

Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

C+ | **½ | +1-2| Kids & Up*

The first film related how Hiccup changed his village’s way of life forever, winning the love of the girl of his dreams, the approval of his authoritarian father and the respect of everyone in town — not to mention the loyalty of his magnificent new draconian friend, Toothless. Where do you go from there?   Read more >

Mailbag: Mailbag #23

Million Dollar Arm, Monsoon Wedding, Star Trek Into Darkness, Les Misérables, Happy Feet, Lincoln, The Lone Ranger and more.   Read more >

Post: Maleficent [video] (2014)

D | Kids & Up*

Angelina Jolie is perfect for the part of Disney’s most iconically evil villainess. If only they’d let her play it for more than one scene.   Read more >

Post: Ida (2013)

A- | Teens & Up*

A Polish nun embarks on a trip of discovery in this gorgeous black-and-white period piece.   Read more >

Review: The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

B | *** | +2-2| Teens & Up*

The Fault in Our Stars — in cinematic as well as literary form — cares quite a bit about silly questions, such as the meaning of life and death and love and suffering in a universe sliding toward oblivion, and whether there is Something beyond giving some larger context to our existence, choices and experiences.   Read more >

Post: Where can I watch “Reel Faith”?

This summer there’s a catch: Shows will no longer be posted for a week at the website. You have to watch them when they stream! The good news is, they’re streaming a lot! Here are your options…   Read more >

Mailbag: Mailbag #22

Frozen, God’s Not Dead, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Monsters, Inc., The Mill & the Cross and more.   Read more >

Review: Maleficent (2014)

D | | -2| Kids & Up*

It’s fair to say that Disney’s Maleficent plays to an extent as warmed-over Frozen. This is not a good thing, even, I think, if you are a fan of Frozen.   Read more >

Post: X-Men: Days of Future Past [video] (2014)

A- | Teens & Up

The director who launched the new era of comic-book movies 14 years ago with X-Men is back.   Read more >

Post: Godzilla [video] (2014)

C | Teens & Up

The latest Hollywood take on the most successful movie monster of all time is a huge hit with audiences and critics…but I’m not feeling the love.   Read more >

Post: Million Dollar Arm [video] (2014)

B- | Teens & Up

What happens when an American sports agent goes to the land of cricket, the Taj Mahal and endless traffic jams looking for anyone who can pitch upwards of 80mph?   Read more >

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