Lines I Wish I Had Written: Eat Pray Love


Okay, so this is like, what, the third shout-out in as many weeks to reader Victor, but his combox quip in my review of Eat Pray Love deserves the widest possible audience. Victor writes:

I guess what’s a little distressing, as you note, is the sheer number of books and movies of this type (reveling in the pleasures of body and yet so wholly dismissive of what the body really means) … perhaps we should start calling this genre “Gnosh-tic Literature” or something.

Oh. Yeah. Gnosh-tic lit it is. Rock on, Victor!

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Eat Pray Buy!

Will the new Julia Roberts movie Eat Pray Love encourage viewers to buy into spiritual ideas? Or will it just encourage them to buy?


Eat Pray Love (2010)

Americans have an abiding affinity for consumerist self-indulgence and for pop spirituality, and a marriage of the two is a winning combination. “God never slams a door in your face,” Gilbert writes, “without opening a box of Girl Scout cookies.” Yep, there’ll be no shortage of people eating that one up.