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Best Films of 2013: More Lists

Posted Mar 1st 2014, 04:59 AM

For the past few years, after publishing my own annual wrap-up and top films list for the previous year, I pull together a run-down of some of my friends’ and peers’ best-film lists.

Until this year, I’ve led with the Critics Choice and Most Redeeming top 10 lists, in which I’ve voted each year. For 2013, though, took a different approach, asking regular critics to come up with personal movie picks (and, as it happens, I didn’t review any movies for this past year, so I didn’t do a list). Unfortunately, the new site layout offers no good way to link to these pieces. Google to the rescue: all 2013 Movie Picks at

It also looks like not all my friends and peers who have done best film lists in the past have done so for 2013, at least not yet. But with the Oscars coming on Sunday, this is pretty much the deadline for revisiting the films of last year, at least for now. So here we go.

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