Lines I Wish I Had Written: J. R. Jones on Prometheus


It’s been too long since I’ve blogged any great critical lines that made me wish I had written them, but I couldn’t resist the opening line of J. R. Jones’s review of Prometheus — arguably the best possible opening sentence in a Prometheus review…

The plot of this Alien prequel was a carefully guarded secret — so carefully guarded, in fact, that not even the movie reveals it.


Lines I Wish I Had Written, Ridley Scott



Prometheus [video]

Prometheus in 60 seconds: my “Reel Faith” review.


Prometheus (2012)

I don’t mind that Prometheus raises big questions without ultimately answering them. Unanswered questions are part of life, and there’s no reason you can’t have them in art. I do mind that Prometheus raises big questions and has virtually nothing interesting, insightful or thoughtful to say about them. If the questions aren’t interesting in this film, why should anyone care whether they’re answered in another one?