Tags: Circus Animals

Review: Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012)

C- | ** | -1| Kids & Up

I blame the penguins for Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.   Read more >

Review: Dumbo (1941)

C+ | **½ | -1| Kids & Up*

Somebody has to say it: Made at the height of Disney’s early brilliance alongside Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Pinocchio, and Bambi, Dumbo is the odd weak link in the chain.   Read more >

Review: Two Brothers (2004)

B+ | *** | +1| Kids & Up*

Annaud’s skill and subtlety elevate what is essentially a simple, fable-like throwback to the sort of live-action feature Disney used to make in the 1950s.   Read more >

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