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Post: Parents: Your kids can do better at the movies!

Don’t settle for a mysterious island when there’s a whole secret world to be discovered.   Read more >

Post: Infographic: Pixar vs. DreamWorks

Props to reader Victor for highlighting this infographic from a few years back analyzing the differences between the creative processes at Pixar and DreamWorks.   Read more >

Post: What Are “Real Movies”?

Borrowing a page from the UK’s Campaign for Real Ale, Roger Ebert blogs from Cannes on the need for a Campaign For Real Movies.   Read more >

Post: What Cannot Be Seen

Beauty, loss, longing, mystery: Fans of Tolkien might reach for such language in describing the power of Middle-earth. They are not words that many Americans naturally associate with animation. American animation typically means humor, slapstick, sentiment, and perhaps a positive message about family or believing in yourself.   Read more >

Post: Three Phases of Pixar History

Peter Chattaway has just posted some thoughts he’s previously shared elsewhere regarding the shape of Pixar’s body of work to date, and I’ve long thought it’s a brilliant theory.   Read more >

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